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Posted by on May 10, 2013 in Saving & Investing | 0 comments

The Future of Video Communication

The Future of Video Communication

With technology always taking leaps and bounds, it’s no wonder that new innovations in all areas of the tech and gadget world are constantly being developed. One thing is certain; it’s all progress from here.

Video conferencing has been a favourite option of many businesses and companies when not all employees involved in a certain pitch or project are not present for a meeting. Cutting travel costs, being able to talk to co-workers by use of a screen is the next best thing to having them there in person.

While the implications for both private use and business use are already proven to be beneficial, there are other areas where video conferencing technology shines.

Bringing the bank to you

A new technology set to take the hassle out of banking is being developed right now. The NCR SelfServ 32 ATM is a new type of cash machine which offers so much more than the standard ATM.

While previously customers could simply withdraw money and check their balance, this ATM machine utilises video calling technology to put each customer in touch with a real time advisor should the option be chosen.

This can allow customers to complete any transaction which would previously see them waiting in queues inside the bank. The obvious plus of this new cash machine is the practicality for those in remote locations, where a bank is not within easy reach.

Order in court!

In many cases, it’s not possible for key people involved in a court case to be present. It’s also not always practical to transport a prisoner from a prison, or gather all witnesses in one place. This is where courtroom video links come in.

For some years now, video links have been used in court when dangerous criminals are concerned. One important aspect is being able to see body language and movement which a telephone call would not be able to convey.

“There will always be situations where a face-to-face meeting is required. However, in most cases, video conferencing is as good as the real thing.

“Being able to see the people you are talking with means that you are better able to read responses through body language. This makes debates easier and, coupled with the ability to share and review data together in real-time, increases productivity.” Said the Financial experts at

Saving lives

In some emergency situations, it’s not uncommon for other experts to be called in during a tricky surgery or baffling diagnosis. When time is of the essence, it’s just not practical for experts to travel to the matter at hand. That’s where the so-called Telemedicine comes in.

A recent case involved a ten-year-old girl who suffered a fall in Western Australia, and started haemorrhaging. After being rushed to hospital and put on the operating table, surgeons encountered complications and chose to enlist the help of Sharon Lee, a neurosurgeon more than 1,500 miles away.

Thanks to video communication, she was able to save the life of the little girl by giving the surgeons live direction.

Only time will tell what further applications for video conferencing will be explored. However, it’s safe to say that it’s not all about making a great business call.

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