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Posted by on Dec 1, 2012 in Small Business | 0 comments

Small business owner shaking up property rental market

Small business owner shaking up property rental market

After a ten month rigorous search process seeking to bring into the limelight the most thoughtful skilled and innovative entrepreneurs, the property rental market has finally produced the best. The Pitch 2012 was unique in its own way and had its fair share of participating candidates. Sam Zawadzki who also doubles up as the founder of Advance-to-Go carried the day in London hitting the headlines of business news allover the business frontiers.

The event organized in the United kingdom together with other partners began the search process way back in February this year. Zawadzki who hails from Scotland walked way with a package that included 50,000 pounds worth of business support, 6,000 pounds in value of marketing services among other non-monetary support services and merchandise.

Designed to help landlords, Advance-to-Go gives the landlords a premise upon which to post information concerning their properties thereby generating advertisements. These adverts find their way into premeir web platforms such as Right Move, Gumtree among a host of other relevant traffic generating sites.

The innovation brought about by AdvancetoGo enables the storage of data such as readings for meters , insurance certificates and security codes. The beauty of it all is that the access of such information can also be executed at any computer. In addition to the storage and retrieval of information, AdvancetoGo also provides lease contracts forms for guarantors and statements tracking inventories.

Praised by some of the renowned entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson and Richard Hanscott, Zawadzki received assurances of business and advisory support. In a statement that was captured in business news and other media categories, the editor working for who also founded The Pitch, hailed the event and the winner as worthy the effort and sacrifice.

Together with Sam Zawadzki, there were other five finalists; Jim Shaikh, Alba McConnel, Shauna McCarney, Richard Conway and Lee Aromba.

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