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Posted by on May 16, 2013 in Small Business | 0 comments

Nearly 60% reveal they don’t trust energy suppliers

Nearly 60% reveal they don’t trust energy suppliers

A survey conducted by a consumer group revealed that over half of respondents said they didn’t trust their current energy supplier. The results from the survey, conducted by uSwitch, showed that only four out of ten respondents were satisfied with the overall level of service they received from their gas and electricity suppliers.

Charged over the odds

The biggest complaint that many participants in the survey had was that they were being charged more than expected by their suppliers. At a time when energy prices have never been higher, this is something that has become commonplace in recent years, but that’s not the only issue customers have with their suppliers.

Poor customer service was another problem customers talked about, while complicated and inconsistent billing also irritated many respondents. On the other hand, those who said they were satisfied with the service they received said that simple billing, ease of communication and better value for money were behind good relationships with their suppliers.

Regulator, government to step in

In order to make sure that more business and domestic customers get a better deal from their gas and electricity suppliers, energy regulator Ofgem is considering creating a ‘code of conduct’ which all energy firms should abide by. Ofgem’s idea looks to have received support in high places too.

Prime Minister David Cameron said that suppliers should put their customers before profits. When some of the biggest suppliers including Centrica, parent company of British Gas have announced significant profits as well as price rises for all customers, it could leave many businesses and households feeling irate.

Business dissatisfaction

Small businesses are among those likely to be hit hardest by poor service from energy suppliers.

The intervention of Ofgem, Cameron et al could come at the right time for small businesses. Rising prices and poor customer service are something no company will want to deal with, and if something’s done about it, then SMEs could soon reap the benefits.

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