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Posted by on Feb 11, 2013 in Saving & Investing | 0 comments

How to make money at home

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Most people struggle to make money from home and most of them don’t seem to find the right solution to do so. Online affiliate marketing represents a venture sharing revenues that occurs between an online merchant and a website owner that can help you make money at home. In order for you to get a cut of the profits, the owner of the website will place several ads on the website to send potential clients to the website of the affiliated merchant or to actually sell the products for the merchant.

An affiliate marketing program is also a marketing tool used by the e-business that operates it and it goes by the name of advertiser or merchant. It is also a source of revenue for the second e-business that takes part to this process known as associate, affiliate or publisher. An affiliate marketing program also goes by the name of associate program, a pay-for-performance program or as an affiliate program.

There are three simple methods to earn money by using affiliate marketing:

1.Cost-per-click or Pay per Click affiliate programs. Each time a potential customer will click on your link that leads to the website of the affiliated merchant, the affiliate website will receive a certain amount of money. This amount can vary from pennies to dollars depending on how much the commission is and the type of product.

2.Cost-per-lead or Pay per Lead affiliate programs. The merchant will pay the affiliate website a set fee for each visitor who takes action on the merchant’s website (it can either register at the site, complete an online survey or opt-in to receive e-mails), all these if they get through the advertisements placed on the site.

3.Cost-per-sale or Pay per Sale affiliate programs. The affiliate will receive a commission or a percentage of the profits each time a sale will be made as a result of the advertisements placed on the affiliate’s website.


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