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Posted by on Oct 27, 2013 in Small Business | 0 comments

How to Generate Business Ideas at your Workplace?

How to Generate Business Ideas at your Workplace?

In today’s world of stiff competition, only excellence can help you surge ahead. However, when this excellence is laced with innovation and creativity, its overall impact surpasses beyond personal achievement. Be it Steve Jobs or Warren Buffet, all of these people had their own ideas for pursuing their careers and businesses. The first left the college to form the biggest IT brand - Apple, whereas, Buffet is the second richest individual today in the whole world who does not believe in meetings and using mobile for himself. So there are no limitations to the business ideas and to the ways you can follow, the only difficult thing is to inspire the feeling to create a different path and contribute in the progress of business in some way.

Set Tasks and Discuss

Most of the companies have their own challenges and are constantly looking out for solutions to them. Instead of trying to find the solution on his own, the company head can inspire his employees to help him out so that new troubleshooters can be developed amongst them. You can set before the employees the challenge you have and ask them all to come up with a solution each. Discuss these solutions openly and keep on discussing for days. Rather you can keep a discussion hour every week so that your employees take the task seriously. Discussions help the employees open up and inspire them to speak out openly the possibilities they think can serve as solutions. It is guaranteed that at least one of the employees will come out with innovative business ideas and help you in taking your business ahead.

Start a Reward System

In big companies, the employees are highly qualified and have fat salaries. However, after reaching a certain stage, when they become complacent, their contribution to the company goes down. For these employees more than money, the prestige is a motivation factor. To generate good business ideas from such established employees, you can start an internal prestige competition. You can give each of them a new project and ask them to find new ideas to make the project successful. You can woo them to give their best by promising to print the photograph and interview of the highly creative employee in the annual magazine or newsletter of the company. Since big companies have thousands of employees, this will motivate them to work better so that their efforts are acknowledged among all.

Encouraging Diversity

Instead of putting people with similar background, qualification and culture in the same group, try to mix-match the employees so that they are introduced to something novel. This way, when people with diverse ideas come together, the chances of innovation are much more as there is lot of struggle and discussion that goes into the process.

Set a Time Limit for Work Completion

When you give a particular deadline to do some work, each of the employees tries his best to match others or to go ahead. In this process, the chances of developing new business ideas are more.

Therefore, you can encourage your employees in different ways to come up with new and innovative business ideas. This will do a lot good to their confidence and also work in favor of the company’s growth.

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