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Posted by on Feb 22, 2014 in Small Business | 0 comments

How competitions can help to expand your brand

How competitions can help to expand your brand

There’s nothing quite like a competition to help raise awareness of your brand. Offering customers the chance to win something from your product range is a guaranteed, sure-fire way to raise your profile and reach an audience that otherwise may be looking elsewhere.

Whether it’s a company that specialises in something specific that targets quite a small customer base, or is a business that instead sells a little bit of everything for a broader market, engaging with new and existing customers is nothing short of a win-win situation.

Samsung giveaway

Brands big and small have tapped into their markets through engagement of competition, from the simplistic to the somewhat complicated. Whatever the form of the competition, social media generally has a big role to play as it opens the event to a huge number of people.

Samsung recently held a competition giving away five Samsun Galaxy SIII handsets through the use of three separate social networking platforms; Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. The competition holders were given the chance to win one of the handsets through creating a Pinterest board entitled “Inspired by nature” and, in the first part, pinning hidden images of the handset to their board, and secondly including five images that made the audience feel inspired by nature.

The use of Facebook and Twitter came into play by sending out hints and tips to the audience, aiding them in the mission to find the hidden images. Through utilising all of these platforms with the promise of a chance to win a handset, brand awareness grew ever bigger, and the audiences on the platforms also grew.

Freddie Miller from said: “There is so much competition in the mobile phone industry that companies like Samsung, Nokia and Apple will do a lot to get their brand noticed. Samsung’s recent Pin To Win competition asked people to create a uniquely named Pinterest board and then to pin as many pictures of Samsung handsets as possible to it for a chance to win one of their latest handsets.”

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