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Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Saving & Investing | 0 comments

Developing new investment market strategies

Investment news show that the world economic strategies are changing. The global crisis has shifted from the availability of jobs to accessing talented people to do it. The BRICS countries like China and India are slowly narrowing down the Western countries economic development gap. CEOs are having to think out of the box now. The question on every organization’s mind is where to grow. Most of the Western countries are hitting an economic plateau. The growth has stopped being sustainable and corporations are running to look for new opportunities for growth. There are a number of countries including India, Nigeria and Tanzania that are showing great potential.

This combined with a favorable investing environments is on demand. CEOs are looking for places that offer favorable investing opportunities for their companies. The political stability and availability of human resources is a major point of concern. The attractiveness to invest has shifted from the West to the East. The Arab countries still hold a lot of potential as they are majorly focused on their major product; oil. It also looks like the exporting countries will suffer for a while due to lack of growth in the importing countries. The struggle will not be for long as it serves to enlarge local and domestic market. The exporting countries are now having to create f favorable environments for local market. This is making them a good target for growth and sustainability.

Talent is now building in the lesser developed countries. There are countries that have now invested heavily in education. This has created a deficit by increasing more talented and ambitious peple with no places to go. The CEOs are now targeting new talent as it is the next big thing. Organizations and companies have to keep a fresh outlook which is impossible with old employees. The new talent search is on with CEOs scrambling for the best.

The investment news show that the success of any CEO lies in these simple keys, being able to combine new markets, favorable environments and new talent.

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