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Posted by on Jul 2, 2013 in Small Business | 0 comments

Working from home: a survival guide

Working from home: a survival guide

When you’re working 9 to 5, working from home seems like the best thing in the world. Many people imagine it would include long lie-ins midweek, constant TV and relaxation. The truth, however, is very different from this illusion.

It can be really difficult to implement working at home when you’re used to working in an office, but the benefits can also be great. Remote working has been implemented by many businesses around the world as a way to help employees find work/life balance, as well as a method of saving money.

Why working from home helps

If you’re the employee of an SME, chances are your employer is looking for ways to save money in order to keep the business afloat.
If they have suggested you try out remote working, this is one great way for them to achieve this.

Office renting prices are at an all-time high, especially in big cities, which means many small businesses have to run from the middle-of-nowhere. This can be incredibly inconvenient for employees, as well as costing employers a lot of money.

Video conferencing technology is so advanced at this point that, even if you’re not present within the office, you can still be there in just the click of a button. Human interaction is still achieved and there is no risk of crossed wires when it comes to important decision-making and meetings.

You may also have to start remote working if you have moved away from the office but they’re still employing you. This means you don’t have to move on or look for a new job, which is brilliant for yourself and your employer.

Making working at home work for you

So if you’ve implemented remote working with your employer, working from home can take some getting used to. However, once you’ve fallen into a routine, you’ll soon realise why so many people love working from the comfort of their own home.

One of the most important things you must do whilst working from home is allowing yourself a change of scenery a few times a week. It’s really important to ensure you don’t fall into ‘cabin fever’ or allow working and living in the same place to affect your mood.

Taking breaks and ensuring you only work the hours you are supposed to be working will ensure you don’t risk working ridiculous hours you wouldn’t contemplate in the office. Don’t check emails in the evening, don’t deny yourself a lunch break, and don’t work all night long.

However, don’t allow yourself to fall into the procrastination trap either! It’s important to remember you’re working from home in order to actually work, so get up and start the day as you would in a normal office!

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